Example for Grade 7: Argumentative – Second Language Learning - ID: 996

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Second Language Learning

  • Purpose: Argumentative
  • Grade: 7
  • ID No. 996

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

Dear, Pines ville School Board

Learning a second language is not something kids need to learn. They can choose if they want to learn a second language. Some kids need to learn a second language if they move out of their state. The best age to learn a new language is when they already know how to read. That is the best time because they know different sounds and reading skills with help them learn. It may be hard to teach a kid a second language and learning how to read. Middle school might want to learn but it shouldn’t be required because some kids have a lot of homework or sports. Kids shouldn’t be forced because they might not like that class or do want to learn that language. Would school days have to be longer to fit the language class in there or are they going to replace it with a different class? Learning a new language wont be cheap they require salaries and benefits, that can end up costing the school a lot of money lost. Some people will need to learn a different language for work. Learning a second language shouldn’t be require, it should be a chose.