Example for Grade 7: Argumentative – Second Language Learning - ID: 984

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Second Language Learning

  • Purpose: Argumentative
  • Grade: 7
  • ID No. 984

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

Dear Pinesville School Board,

In 2018, the world is at our fingertips and we need more than 18% of Americans to know a different language; from economic gain to being a Starbucks cashier who can talk to someone who does not speak english, no matter what, teaching a second language in schools will always bring positive outcomes. In schools it should be mandatory for people to learn a second language.

Some parents worry for their children about the mental effects learning a second language can have on his or her child. Of course, what parent would not worry and want the best for their kids future, and want it to be easy and successful. In 1999 the

American Academy of Family Physicians said “…bilingual home environment can cause a temporary delay in the onset of both languages” (Source 1). However, the Center of Applied Linguistics said, in 2006, “…research suggest that monolingual and bilingual children meet major language developmental milestone at the same time” (Source 1). Both can agree that both (bilingual and monolingual) “…children end up at similar levels but the bilingual person knows two languages” (Source 1).

In present day, 2018, it is hard to find a toddler without an iPad or tablet. Thus, learning through playing games sounds like a blast! I remember when I was in third grade, we were learning Spanish and the teacher would play naming games and other fun activities. It was never a just sit down, repeat these words, and have them memorized by tomorrow. I still know words that we learned in that class since it was so exciting everyday. It is not just me either, a lot of people agree, according to the person who said this, “Children learn better through games and activities” (Source 1). Not having a real reason to learn a second language is difficult but, According to Cathy Rosenbaum, “A lot of students do want to learn a second language. I think schools should support that” (Source 3).

Sadly, the harsh but true reality is that schools are underfunded. Perfectly stated by a elementary school principal “Last year, we spent $300,000 more than we had. Our budget hardly supports core subjects like math and reading” (Source 3). Fortunately, it is easy to start a fundraiser online or something like a bake sale to raise money.

Speaking of children’s well-being and future success, learning a second language is actually beneficial. According to N. Abadir, “…second language learning improves learning in other areas as well. They also tend to perform better and have higher test scores in subjects like math, science, and social studies” (Source 3). It is not just higher test scores. It is also the fact that if we (as a nation) knew different languages, we could get a major leg up competing (economically) with places such as China, who has 200 million kids learning English; Europe has 58% of citizens who speak more than one language (Source 1).

In conclusion, I know that if it was mandatory to learn a second language, the benefits would be endless. This would be just the cherry on top of the American dream cake. Not just our children, but our grandchildren and so on will live a better and happier life with new knowledge and a step up in test results and economic gain.