Example for Grade 7: Argumentative – Second Language Learning - ID: 978

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Second Language Learning

  • Purpose: Argumentative
  • Grade: 7
  • ID No. 978

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

Dear School Board,

In my opinion, when deciding what programs to have in elementary school, you should really consider foreign language studies. This is because there are many wonderful benefits that would help the students later in life. Also, it would help Pineville become better educated.

First, elementary school children are at the prime age to introduce a second language. If they begin learning now, they will develop and learn the language without an accent. This is helpful because the students would sound more like a native speaker. In the end, sounding like a native speaker will allow the students to communicate to more people in better ways than those who only speak one.

Second, educating the students of Pinevilleand the rest of the U.S. in a second language will help our country catch up to the rest of the world in this area. For example, only 18% of Americans currently report to speaking another language other than English. That result pales in comparison to Europe, where 53% of citizens speak a second language. For students who would like to one day travel the world, being bilingual would help accomplish the dreams of the students.

Lastly, teaching second languages would help the students recieve jobs in the future. In business, the foreign languages are put to good use by communicating with business partners in other countries. Knowing a second language could be the difference between one of our students and another person competing for a job. If our students know another language, they would find jobs easier.

Some people argue that there are not enough teachers for all schools that want to teach foreign language. I believe that teaching foreign languages at our elementary schools would raise awareness and interest in the topic. This would give some students the ambition to pursue a career in the foreign language teaching industry, thus creating more people to fill the role as teachers.

In conclusion, I hope that you take my points into consideration when you are deciding whether to include foreign language studies into the curriculum of Pineville Elementary School or not.