Example for Grade 7: Argumentative – Second Language Learning - ID: 972

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Second Language Learning

  • Purpose: Argumentative
  • Grade: 7
  • ID No. 972

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

Dear, Pinesville

I am in middle school I wrote this letter to confront you about how the school has certain activities. And how we don’t have foreign language classes. Because foreign languages are most of the time needed when you get jobs. And most students would like to know different, languages. And I have 4 sources to write about.

The first source I have is source #1 the best time to learn about foreign languages is when your young in your early ages because you will catch up to your understanding of the languages. And a child should be exposed to second languages from birth. But most parents are afraid for there child to have more than one language. Because they can get confused and use both and mix the two together.

The second source is Source #2 says that 18% of americans can speak another language. And in Europe more than 53% of people can speak more than one language. In China they estimated that 2 million students study English according to (2006) Education Department.And only 24,000 U.S children who are studying chinese languages. The third source is source #3 most schools spend our buget money on other activites and other devices. But we should be spending money on foreign language classes. But the teachers have to get payed alot of money up to $60,000 per teacher per year. And one school already spent up to $300,000 more than they could spend.

The fourth source is source #4 There was an interview on a foreign language teacher who has been teaching different languages for 17 years. And he thinks most kids should know different languages. Because most kids enjoy to learn different languages. And it helps them when they get older in case they need to translate or other things.

And thats why I think our schools should have a foreign language class. So kids can know more than what they need to know in the real world. And it can help them with alot more. And we should have more languages to learn.