Example for Grade 7: Narrative – Mount Everest - ID: 961

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Mount Everest

  • Purpose: Narrative
  • Grade: 7
  • ID No. 961

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

It is finally time. After years of non-stop training, I am standing in front of the highest mountian above sea level, Mount Everest. Before I start my wife kisses my on my forehead. “Be careful Michael” she creid with much worry in her voice. Then i grab my heavy backpack and gonon my way.

I start to climb. At first it was nothing to hard because I had been training for 3 years but as I climed higher the snow became much steeper. It was about several inches. I don’t know what I would have done without the crampon on my boots. I was at about 20,000 feet when i felt very lightheaded.

The air was so thin with the such high altitudes. However, I knew I could not stop now. All i could picture was Sarah chanting in my mind “keep going Michael, I know you can do it.” So i stuffed a peice of choclate in my mouth to help regain some of my calories and kept climbing. I was now about 30,000 on the moutian.

While I was climbing I bumoed into this big chunk of ice. I did not know how I was going to get around it! Although, I remember from my 3 years of training that when I came to the spot where i see a huge peice if ice that i should use my ice axe and break off as much as possible. “Crraacckkk” .  I broke the ice!

I contined my climb for about 21 more days. Then one day while I was climbing, I could climb anymore. I had made it to the top!  Pumping with excitement I used my radio phone and called Sarah. I told her I made it and I would be home soon. She wouldn’t admit I but can tell by her voice she was crying. “I am so proud of you!” she yelled. “Now hurry and get home I made your favorite dinner and for dessert there is choclate icecream!” I laughed and smartly remarked “I think I have had enough chocolate.”