Example for Grade 7: Narrative – Mount Everest - ID: 958

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Mount Everest

  • Purpose: Narrative
  • Grade: 7
  • ID No. 958

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

It was 6:00 in the morning and my friends and I flew in a helicopter toward the Himalayas. It was said that we would be able to enter the challenge of climbing mount Everest. A few years ago we received the letter that would allow us to go. Since then, we have been training and conditioning ourselves to prepare for the climb. We lifted weights, ran, and trained Inigo to not be afraid of heights. We have heard stories of others climbing Mount Everest and we heard that it was very challenging and took a lot of stamina. Anthony, and Ingo, my friends had stamina, and would also climb with me.

The helicopter brought us down at the base of Mount Everest. The pilot told us, “Good luck guys.” We thanked him and started the journey. The ground was moist and filled with gravel. I told my friends,”You guys ready?” They responded,” Yeah, we’re ready.” We started out by taking out what we brought: harnesses, jumars, carabiners, ice axes, headlamps to see in the dark, crampons to make it easier to walk on snow, and altimeter, lots and lots of food and water, a camera to remember the moment, and a rappel device for climbing back down. We started climbing.

First we found a ledge, and hooked the rope around it, We harnessed ourselves to it and pulled upward. All the lifting weights training that we had really paid off It felt pretty easy and I was confident that we would reach the summit, Once the three of us got on te the ledge, we got the rope and threw it up to another ledge. It felt like a miracle that thee were ledges for us on the mountainside. We kept repeating the process until it was dark. The three of us sat down on the ledge and we talked. We were not really high up, maybe only 1000 feet or so. We turned on our headlamps and continued to climb. After about and hour of climbing, we soon found a platform big enough for the three of us to rest. I told the others,”Why don’t we eat some food?” We all ate and agreed to start climbing tomorrow instead.

‘When the next morning came, we continued to climb, The ledges were shill there above us and we climbed. This pane process of climb, stop, rest, wake-up, climb, step, rest, wake-up continued for the next 2 weeks or so. We soon hit ice. I took out the ice axes. We continued to climb using them to get a solid purchase on the ice. The crampon on our shoes really helped out a lot on the ice. The altimeter I wore on my arm said that we were at around 20,000 feet. My fiends were freezing even with all of the clothes they were wearing. It was getting harder and harder. It was snowing, and the ledges were very slippery. A little bit over a week, after that we finally reached to summit. We were standing at the top of the world. My friends were so exhausted they the fell down right when they reached to summit. T helped them up. I shouted,”We made it] Yeah!” It was awesome. My friends and i were jumping up and down with joy. I was so happy. I took out the camera, and took a picture of the three of us, and then the beautiful scenery from all angles. Sadly, our joy was limited. I told them,” Alright guys that i it, We can’t stay here forever. We eventually have to climb down.” They said,”Awww, man. Alright then.” We started our way down after I put away the camera.

Climbing down was pretty easy. We just used the rappel device to help us. We reached the bottom in a little over a week. That was the end of our exciting, and tiring journey.