Example for Grade 7: Narrative – Mount Everest - ID: 943

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Mount Everest

  • Purpose: Narrative
  • Grade: 7
  • ID No. 943

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My Climb to Mount Everest

The pain was excruciating from the cold wind, it was cold, snowy, and icy. The misery of the weight loss from burning six thousand calories a day. Except it was all worth it especially when I would reach the tip top of the mountain and say that I, I climbed Mount Everest. A legend that I would carry to the day I pass on. Something that would stick with my future generation, history in my eyes.

Let me start the beginning. It all started in ”2010” the year I asked my dad if we could climb Mount Everest.”Sure”,he said,”only if your up to the hard preparation.” So there we began we ran block after block, we ran the treadmill, exercised, and there we climbed our first mountain. Mount Fujiyama it was steep and riggid. It took us two weeks to climb but it was my first mountain. There was my dad, my mom, and I.

My second mountain was Mount Ash it took me two weeks and three days. It was also steep and riggid, it was cold but we made it. there as I called my mom on the sattleite phone I could tell she was happy by the tone of her voice.

Last mountain was Mount Everest the highest mountain in the world it was a four week trip up and down, it was so tall that we had to wear special equipment and oxegyn tanks. But it was all worth it as i called my mom on the ‘satt’ phone She was so happy, she was crying and so was my dad because we had made a legacy thatn would be passed on throught my families history.