Example for Grade 6: Explanatory – World's Fair - ID: 900

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World's Fair

  • Purpose: Explanatory
  • Grade: 6
  • ID No. 900

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

The impact that the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 was incredible. It provided a whole new way of looking at the world with all the new inventions, introduced electricity to a wider area of people and companies, and allowed a structure for innovators to build on. This particular fair was a big deal.

First, it provided a whole new way of looking at things. In source #1 it states “Among the inventions shown were the dishwasher, the fluorescent light bulb, and the zipper, all of which have become significant parts of American life and culture.” To me this means that the fair was a pretty big deal if, after so long, these items are still in use. People could see these ideas and create and innovate the world with so many inventions made at one time. The impact on the world must have been huge with so many creative breakthroughs.

Next, the fair introduced electricity to more people. In the sources it says how a few towns in New York had street lights and very few houses had electricity, Thomas Edison and Nicola Telsa were rivals competing to light the event, to introduce all the possibilities with electricity. At that time electricity was fairly new and people wanted to know more so this fair gave them what they wanted. Electricity was a huge breakthrough and to think that this fair helped to spread the idea of it is incredible. This fair helped to introduce things that we use every day and that is very important.

Last, this fair in Chicago allowed a structure for innovators to build up from. Imagine what inventions were like then compared to now, that is because of innovation. In source #1 it talks about how H.J. Heinz first sold a good tasting pickle and now his company sells some of America’s most popular condiments. That right there is an example of innovation, they took something and ran with it to make it better. You can see how this fair with it’s tens of thousands of inventions could be a place for people to walk around and imagine the possibilities.

The Chicago World’s fair of 1893 provided a whole new way of looking at the world, helped spread the use of electricity, and allowed people imagine and dream to innovate these ideas. These things are so important and, like source #1 says “this event was indeed a true milestone.”