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Ready for a Nap

  • Purpose: Informational
  • Grade: 5
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All About A Bears Hibernation

Did you ever wonder about how bears hibernate? Well I am here to teach you all I know about a bears hibernation. Bears hibernate to save energy, they store fat in there bodies, and do they sleep all winter? I will let you know all about these important topics, and more. I hope you enjoy and learn a lot from my paper.

The first statement about a bears hibernation is that a bear hibernates because it helps them save energy. Food is super hard to find for them in the winter, so this is a way to decrease all the hard work. It also helps them survive and not freeze because of the cold. Source #1:”Hibernation is controlled by the part of the brain called the hypothalamus”. This part of the brain helps regulate hunger, thirst, and blood pressure.

The next statement about a bears hibernation is that when they hibernate bears have to store fat in there bodies. In order to survive weeks or months with no food, most hibernating animals (including bears) go on a eating binge, meaning a time or instance of carefree fun. This happens during the time of late summer and early fall. The fat they build up stores energy and keeps them cozy while the are in slumber. Along with regular white fat, hibernating mammals have patches of special brown fur along their shoulders and back. Source #1:The brown fat works like fast food restaurant; it delivers quick energy whenever it is needed.

The last but not least statement about a bears hibernation is a question actually. Do bears sleep all winter? The answer is no. Bears do not actually sleep all winter long. But as long as it remains undisturbed, the bear will not leave its warm den for the next three to five months. Source #3: Female bears always have their cubs, usually two or three of them, in the middle of the winter. This is also another sign of proof that bears don’t sleep all winter long. It is proved that a bear is a in-between hibernator, it really only takes a long winter nap.

Now you know all about a bears hibernation. That bears hibernate to help save energy and survive, they store fat in there bodies to keep warm, and that bears do not sleep all winter long. I hope you really learned a ton about a bears hibernation. If you want to learn more about a bears hibernation you can check out websites, magazines, and books at your local library. Here is my last question, If you were a bear, what would your steps be to lead to a healthy and safe hibernation?