Example for Grade 5: Informational – Ready for a Nap - ID: 778

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Ready for a Nap

  • Purpose: Informational
  • Grade: 5
  • ID No. 778

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations


Hibernation is not easy to study. Scientists have a hard time studying hibernation cause a bear or another animal might move its den every winter, or every other winter.

Food is scarce close to winter, so animals have to be extra fast if they want to catch it. Bears like to look for rodents, insects, and berries before hibernation. Bears go back and forth through meadows and forest to find food.

Getting ready for hibernation is not easy for bears ether. First, bears have to find a good spot for a den. For example a steep hill under the roots of a tree. Then they have to dig or they don’t, but it depends on the spot. After that they build a bed made from leaves and brush.

Now it is time for hibernation. Bears know it is time for hibernation when the temperature drops, and when days get shorter. The food that they ate gives them fat which helps keep them warm. As the bear sleeps its temperature drops from the usual 100-45 or 50. Its heart rate also drops from 50 beats per minute to 10-12 beats per minute.

Just because hibernation isn’t easy to study doesn’t mean we don’t know anything about it. Its hard but is not easy.