Example for Grade 5: Informational – Ready for a Nap - ID: 755

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Ready for a Nap

  • Purpose: Informational
  • Grade: 5
  • ID No. 755

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

So im going to be writing about hibernation in my own words. But the question is do bears trully hibernate. So hibernation is when some animals fall asleap for the whole winter. First they only consintrate on eating for the late summer and the late fall. On source1 it says that one bear on Yellow stone was looking for insects, berries, the small rodents. Food seemed to be the only thin the bear was looking for. When the fall in deep sleep its called hibernation.

So source number 2 says that. So the passage says that we think that bears hibenate. They go into ther dens for months and don’t wake up until spring is here. They come out of ther dens looking skinny because they did not eat for months. So a report from one of the sientist and it says bers trully hibernate. So in november 5 bears were sent in fake dens. So sientist watched them on video cameras and moniterd ther vital signs. They say th bears always slept in a curled position. So source1 and 2 say yes but does source3 say they do hibernate

So source number 3 says. In the fall a bear fattens up on a acorn and other high-fat foods. Then it says that when winter starts fading in the bear mostly chooses to go in its den such as a dry space under a big rock. The bear usually curls up on a bed that is made out of leaves and bushes. So it also says that female bears always have thier cubs usualy 2 or 3 of them in the middle of winter. There mother curls around her sigh less, helpless young to keep them warm and to nurse them. So bears do hibernate.