Example for Grade 4: Narrative – Ant Colony - ID: 725

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Ant Colony

  • Purpose: Narrative
  • Grade: 4
  • ID No. 725

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

Once, a girl was spending a lot of time in her backyard playing. Her name was almost as long and beautifulas her blond and shiny as her hair. Her name was Jessica. She loved ants and often wanted to be one. Luckily, she was wearing her ant antenna headband. She accidentally stepped on an anthill below her. Just then, she shrunk !An ant came up to her and tried to cut her hair. She ran away before he could touch her hair. She met four other ant-lovers seconds later. Their names were McKenzie, Iridessa, a girl they nick-named Ella, and Iridessa’s little sister, Allison. They decided to call themselves “The Ant 5”,and it was 100% awesome! Of course, this would mean nick-names for all! McKenzie was now Ant Whisperer and grew giant colorful wings that looked like fairywings! Ella called herself the Ant Checker and got the same thing! Iridessa called herself the Fire Ant and got awesome dragon wings! Jessica called her self Black Ant and got mysterious, dark wings. Before Allison could speak, she got dragged to the egg caring room. She got dragged to the queen room from there and was expected to be the new queen. She said her new nick-name, but it didn’t work. The magic of friendship was strong, but not strong enough. Meanwhile, the new friends learned that they had new powers! McKenzie with the blinding magic of light, Ella with fire, Iridessawith ice, and Jessica with dark. Together, they saved Allison and came out of the hole. From then on, whenever they came back, they would shrink and have more adventures.