Example for Grade 3: Narrative – Astronauts - ID: 638

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  • Purpose: Narrative
  • Grade: 3
  • ID No. 638

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

Life In Space

Hi, my name is Emma and this is Sydney and Lilah. Today we are launching into space on the ISS ( In Space Stars) that’s what we call it but it’s real name is International Space Station. We will be in space for a week. While we are in space Sydney wants to study how animals survive. She and Lilah wants to big dipper and little dipper. I just want to see the stars!

We stared lift of. We were all so nerves. So here are  the jobs Sydney trained to fix the space shuttle if it breaks down and Lilah’s job is to leader. My job is to drive. Sydney thought it took forever but it really didn’t. So she decided to sleep but once we got into space she was not happy. In space we looked down and saw clouds,water,and land. While I was gassing down Sydney sed that she was hungry. So I fixed up three bowls of fruit. But there was a problem because the fruit was so light that it floated and then we all started laughing! Then all the sudden we heard something and it was the right gear broke of. I know it sounds crazy for a gear to brake of but Sydney got right to work. After,she finished that the engine broke down and she got right back to work.

After, we got back on track we went and saw big and little dipper. I got to see the stars I wanted to see. Once the space shuttle landed Lilah was the first one to fly of the shuttle!

Space is a beautiful place. Exspeshole the stars at night!