Example for Grade 3: Narrative – Astronauts - ID: 629

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  • Purpose: Narrative
  • Grade: 3
  • ID No. 629

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The Astronauts Aventure


Hello, I am going to go in space. I am just about to go into the spaceship. When I got inside I straped myself in. Then I heard the countdown 3…2…1…BLASTOFF! Just to tell you I been practicing for hundreds of hours. I also been scuba diving. Scuba Diving is just like no gravity.

I was wanting to make new friends. So when we were told to unbuckle, I unbuculd super fast. The first person I met was a girl. Her name was Meg. We went to another person.  Her name was Annabeth. The next couple people was Cade, Percy, Tyson, Kala, and Hazel. We were all hungry, so we went to get the food we packed. I had candy and healthy stuff. I took a big bag of m&ms. When I opened the package m&ms spilled out. I had lots more bags of m&ms, so I made a game out of it. It’s called eat the m&ms. I looked out the window and saw a vehicle that was as big as a pickup truck and has 12 wheels. I was playing a game and realized I felt like I don’t weigh anything. Then I went to the exercising room. There was big rubber bands that were attached to the wall. I started exercising because I don’t want to go weak. I kno I will but, just in case. Astronauts always get chicken legs. Its when your legs get skinny.

Now we were going to say are jobs. When I finally got there (I got lost) everybody was already there. I volunteered to go last. Meg went first.

She said “ My job is to learn about the science stuff.”

Percy’s was fixing things.Anibeth too. Cade was a pilot.

“I’m a pilot.” Tyson said.

“I learned about since.” Hazel said.

Kala and me did not know what are job was. Are instructors said “are teammates would know.”

“We must be the leaders.” Me and Kala said at the same time.


“What was that?” I said.

“I don’t know.” Kala anserad.

We all looked out the window. We were going through the asteroid belt. Tyson and Cade ran to the controllers and started doging the asteroids.

“Maybe we should go to the moon” I said.

We landed but, we had a dent on the nose of the ship.

“I’ll go fix it.” Percy said.

“Me to.” Annabeth said.

They went and started fixing. I tied myself up and started to bounce. I made lots of footprints. It was fun. Then Meg went of the ship without ting herself. I was making a hopscotch board when Meg started to scream. I couldn’t reach her so, I went into the ship quickly untied myself got a rope and tied myself balk up.

Then I went out and tossed Meg the rope yelling “cach the rope cach the rope!”

Meg caught it but then she let go.

“I’m floating away!” Meg criad.

Cach it.” I said.

Then this time she caught it and tied it around her. I tied the rope to the spaceship.

Just then Percy and Annabeth said “ we’re done.”

Once we all went inside, I closed the door. Meg went to her room.

She came back later and said to me “Thank you” Meg said.

“Your welcome.” I said.

We were told we would land in space 3 years later.

3 years later we landed on earth. We had lots of different aventures. When we landed I started bouncing. Then I remembered that I couldn’t bounce. We got of the spasip and almost fell. We all ran not so really ran to are family.

“See you later.” I said.

“You to.” They answered.