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  • Purpose: Opinion
  • Grade: 3
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Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

Have you ever gone on a trip to the tropical islands? They are much better than the cold islands like Greenland or Faroe. I think the tropical islands are a much better place to go on vacation because tropical islands are a good way to escape from the cold, they have interesting plants, their houses are really safe, they have unique wild life, and they are very entertaining.

To begin with, I think tropical islands are a good way to escape from the cold because tropical islands do not get that cold. They also get a lot of sun. In source #2 it says tropical islands are near the equator which means the ocean water is warm. Lastly the air in the tropical islands is moist and hot.

Second, the tropical islands have many interesting plants that are fun to look at when you visit. In source #2 it said they have a assortment of vines, bushes, and small flowering plants. They also have thick, green, beautiful rain forests that you can walk through and be amazed! Interestingly enough there are 2,6000 kinds of palm trees that you can’t find any where else! If you visit a tropical island you can probably just pick a banana or a coconut right of its tree! You cant do that any where else? Can you!

Third the houses are really safe. If you visit during hurricane weather its okay. It said in source#2 that tropical island houses are built for high winds The tropical islands have a long rainy season and if the houses can hold out high winds they can hold out a rainstorm no problem.

Fourth, tropical islands also have unique wild life. In source #2 it said the islands have huge water falls and beautiful coral reefs. Did you know that all tropical islands have lagoons or shallow pools that are sheltered from the ocean by sandbars. In the tropical island’s ocean there are many sea creatures like sharks, eel, crab, and many colorful fish just to name a few. There are also terrifyingly big spiders! Amazingly enough lizards, snakes, peacocks, or a chimpanzee could end up in your back yard! What an experience that would be!

Lastly, in my opinion tropical islands are the most entertaining place in the world. You will be so occupied there will be no time to be bored! In source #2 it said there is so many things to do like swimming, playing in the sand, sailing, hiking, and best of all swimming in the tropical ocean! You will find many things to do and have a good time. Each island has its own special tradition.

This is why I think that the tropical islands are the best place to visit because it is a good vacation to escape the cold, look at the islands interesting plants, it is really safe, see the unique wild life, and it is very entertaining.

That is why I think tropical islands are a better place to go on vacation than cold islands.