Example for Grade 3: Opinion – Islands - ID: 428

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  • Purpose: Opinion
  • Grade: 3
  • ID No. 428

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

If you went on a vaction would you go to a cold island or a hot island? I would go to a hot island because you can go swimming all day and it never gets cold. And in hot islands you can see amazing plants and animals. You may get lucky and could see a chimpanze in your backyard! You could go exploring and see a beutiful waterfalls. Some even have mountains, and hill, and others have a mix of high and low spots.

Try to find these uniqe animals: lizads, peacocks, snakes, and colorful fish. Do these amazing activities: go swiming, play in the sand, sail baots, hike trails, and go fishing. Each tropical island have different things to do. Make sure you have a great time in any tropical island.