Example for Grade 11: Argumentative – 3D Printers - ID: 4274

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3D Printers

  • Purpose: Argumentative
  • Grade: 11
  • ID No. 4274

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

Having a 3d printer at the library would be beneficial for the library, and the community as a whole. The 3d printer would draw in more people to the library with a service that many people would not be able to afford. Including a 3d printer at the library provides many benefits, and there are very few reasons not to have one. By including a 3d printer at the library, everyone would have access to an expensive tool for creativity, and be given the opportunity to express their ideas.

Many people would be turned away by the 3d printer’s $1000 price tag. As a result, many brilliant ideas that people had would be lost. However, if the library was able to provide a 3d printer, then those people would have an opportunity to express their ideas. The next revolutionary idea may come from one person’s idea for a 3d printer project. However, if that same person did not have a 3d printer in the first place to use, then that revolutionary idea may have been lost, and society would have lost a potentially world changing idea.

Some may argue that having a 3d printer would bring in a myriad of copyright issues. However, this issue can easily be avoided by making potential 3d printer users read an agreement where they agree not to violate any copyright issues. If that person violated the copyright issue, then the library would not be responsible for anything, and that person would have to deal with all the copyright issues.

A 3d printer would be a very beneficial addition to the library in that it would inspire creativity. Many people would be given the opportunity to express their creativity, and create things that would benefit the world. The increased traffic would also help the library. The few downfalls to the 3d printer, such as copyright issues, can be avoided by easy fixes. In conclusion, a 3d printer would benefit the library.