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3D Printers

  • Purpose: Argumentative
  • Grade: 11
  • ID No. 4271

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

3D printers are the newest scientific innovations in the market right now. These printers allow you to copy three-dimensional objects in your very own home or library. However, I oppose the usage of these machines because they lead to issues of copyrights and patents as well as piracy.

3D printers will just be a new source for piracy. People essentially have the ability to print any 3D object from off the internet. just as people illegally download music to their iPods, people will also copy items such as furniture that already are patented (Source 2). Manufacturers wouldn’t have the power to “prevent the proliferation of 3-D printing” (Source 2). Therefore, virtually everyone who uses a 3D printer to copy something that has a patent would technically be involved in crime and piracy for doing this.

If the library chooses to implement a 3D printer, it must have strict rules like the library in DC. The DC library has a strict policy in which the public cannot copy content that may “infringe upon the intellectual property rights of a third party” (Source 1). This secures the library from being blamed for such piracy and makes the users be more responsible while using the 3D printer; they would solely be using the 3D printer for educational and knowledge-based purposes without the issue of patents and this is what a library should promote. Having a 3D printer means the library IS promoting learning through more advanced sources available in the modern world, contrary to the beliefs of H. Rundle in his article called “Mission Creep”.

All in all, I believe that the library should implement 3D printers only if they have very strict rules that prevent the public from misusing it and becoming involved in legal issues that will put the library in blame. I strongly urge the library to consider my viewpoint before making a decision.

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