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  • Purpose: Argumentative
  • Grade: 8
  • ID No. 4230

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The Power of a Penny

What can you do with a penny? You might think, nothing, but that is inaccurate and not true. Though you might not be able to do anything with one penny, you might be able to do something with a few or many pennies. The penny has sentimental value, value in the economic system, and can be a benefit to charities.

Many people think and feel that the penny is worthless, and a waste of money to make. Though it does take lots of money to make the simple coin, it also has a lot of value. You may argue that it does take more money to make then it is worth (2.4 cents), but the penny does as much as it cost to make. Like the source tells us, the penny has sentimental value, it was the first coin created by the U.S. State Mint in 1793. The pictures on the pennies also represent and celebrates certain events. The penny we all know has Abraham Lincoln’s face on the front side, which was put to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Another reason to keep the penny is that it may benefit charities looking for some loose change that will save the lives of others. In Source #4, it states that a middle school raised over $3,000 dollars in one week, just by collecting pennies. You can also argue that collecting pennies won’t make much of a difference and that even if you raise money it won’t add up to a lot, but look at how much a middle school made in one week! Though people may think it is a small coin that can do no good, in reality, the coin may benefit even more people than you can ever imagine if you save and add it up. Also, charities will thrive even more because most people do not care to keep pennies, so they will donate their pennies lying around their houses, and help the unfortunate and needy.

One last reason to keep the small coin is that if we do not, the prices of everything might be rounded up, and be more costly to the consumers. This will affect all consumers, and be uncomfortable and strange to deal with every time they are buying goods. If we round everything up to the nearest nickel, it would be a huge loss to those who bought the goods. When something would of originally cost $49,97, the consumers would have to pay $50.00. Though it is only a 3 cent difference, if you save up the coins, it can add up to a big amount of money.

Overall, the penny benefits us in many different ways. Though you think it is a worthless coin, you can see that if we don’t have it in our money system, it will make a big difference in America. It helps us with our money system, reminds us of the sentimental value it has in America, and can be a big help to charities who desperately need money to support needy people.