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  • Purpose: Argumentative
  • Grade: 8
  • ID No. 4218

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

Preserve the penny! Many people dislike the usage of the penny and think that it should be removed from our money system. I think that is a bad idea. The penny can provide some value, and here is why. The penny can have some sentimental value, for it has created many memories for some Americans, and it has created many figures of speech, still used to today. The penny also allows people to save on some sales and purchases. People will donate pennies more often than they would with quarters.

The penny contains much sentimental value to people who have been around for a while now. The penny shows images of important people and symbols of American history. The first pennies showed different images of Lady Liberty, seven in all. Later on the United States Mint began producing the Flying Eagle penny, followed by the Indian Head pennies. The first Lincoln penny was produced in 1909, and more versions followed this. This historical coin has been changed over the course of U.S. history, yet still provides the same amount of culture. Some figures of speech has also been created due to the penny. The penny provides a large amount of sentimental value and memories. For something so small, it can hold a lot of history.

One cent may not seem like a lot to someone, but it can help you save money. Take a sale for example. Originally something may cost 5 dollars, but when on sale, it might become $3.98. That does not seem like alot to save, but along a dollar, two cents can be alot for some people. according to this article from Washington Middle School Chronicle, Save the Penny-Save the Day!, that without pennies, people would be forced to round up to the nearest nickel. This could cause a substantial amount money loss. Instead of paying $29.96, you would have to pay $30. This could cost a large amount of money for customers and buisnesses alike.

Some people feel like their loose change would weigh them down. So how would one get rid of one’s extra coins? Well, some people donate them. By donating their coins it would become a win-win situation. One would get rid of their dead weight and the money would go to a good cause. People would be more likely to donate their pennies, than their quarters. It would hurt some charities if the penny is removed from the U.S. and that would not help the good causes. If pennies help good causes and charities, wouldn’t that mean they are good for us?

I believe the penny should be preserved, for it can help the U.S. By removing te pennies, it would remove some of our historical culture. The penny provides sentimental value for people, holding a lot of history inside them. They allow people to save on purchases. They allow for easier donations to charities, and help the needy. Preserve the Penny!