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  • Purpose: Argumentative
  • Grade: 8
  • ID No. 4213

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

My thought on the penny being preserved or eliminated is that the penny should be preserved. I have thought out my answer thoroughly and can back up my decision with many facts and reasons why the penny should be preserved. There are reasons such as sentimental value to people, the history of America, and the result of prices if the penny was to be eliminated. In these next few paragraphs II will address every reason and explain them thoroughly.

The biggest reason why I decided that the penny should be preserved is because of the rounding system that would take place if the penny were to be eliminated. This rounding system would be confusing, awkward, and pricey for the consumer and.the business. F or example, you want to buy and item that is 96, cents. If there are no pennies to pay for the 96 cents then the price could very well be rounded up to one dollar. This method will overall be more, costly than producing pennies already is.

Some people that are on the sidle that thinks the penny should be eliminated state that the penny costs more to manufacture than its actual value is. I have read multiple costs (to manufacture the penny) though such as 1.6 cents and 2.4 cents. The fact that people can’t even agree on a certain price leads me to believe that maybe that fact isn’t even true.

Another reason why the penny should be preserved is because of it’s sentimental value to America and the American citizens. Some American citizens have seen this penny be changed several times and have seen the penny represent American culture in multiple ways. T h e penny represents how ani who Americans used to be and that affects how we are now.

The History of America is also symbolized on this coin . It has represented many things such as President Lincoln, one of the United States greatest leaders ever. The penny has honored him by showing him in several different scenarios. The penny has also symbolized the original 13 colonies that this country was built off of.

The last reason why i think pennies should be preserved is because of charities. Many people donate their pennies to charities because it is only a cent, but they would be a lot more reluctant to donate a nickel or a quarter. For this reason if pennies were eliminated many charities may lose money.
For these many reasons I think that the American penny should be preserved.