Example for Grade 6: Narrative – Robots - ID: 4175

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  • Purpose: Narrative
  • Grade: 6
  • ID No. 4175

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

Marvin becomes human.

It started out as a normal day. Marvin, my robot that serves as a butler, woke me up as usual and made me breakfast. It was my favorite day of the week; Saturday. My plans for the day was just to play with Marvin while my parents were at work; little did they know that they would be coming home to something far different than a normal robot.

It all started when we were playing baseball. It was about 11 o’ clock when we started playing baseball in my backyard. “Good throw master.” said Marvin as he caught my baseball. “Thank you, and same.” I said as I caught it back. I was starting to get good, but sometimes my throws were pretty bad. I guess that’s where it all went wrong; my bad throw. I thought it would just be another bad throw, but it wasn’t; it changed everything.

There it goes; flying in the air. Marvin seemed like he was ready to catch the ball. It was coming right towards him, it seemed like it was going to hit him. “It can’t hit him, he will always catch it, he’s a robot.” my brain told me. “Watch out Marvin!” I told him. I wanted to make him alert, even though i thought he saw the ball. Everything was happening so slowly but yet so suddenly. “It’s OK sir, I hav-” That’s when it hit Marvin. He fell to the floor and he started twitching.

“No Marvin!” I screamed in terror. There was no response from him. I thought he as gone. I wanted to do all that i could to help him so I went to do some research online. I searched how to fix a robot that has been injured. I rapidly clicked on the first thing that popped up. The website told me to attach the dark blue wire to the yellow wire; that’s easy enough. I got a screwdriver and rushed over to Marvin. I unscrewed his head and looked at all the different colored wires. I finally found the wires and attached the light blue wire to the yellow one. That’s where i made my mistake. I attached the light blue instead of the dark blue. That’s why he started to act different.

We had just watched a movie in science class about a robot that turns into a human. It go me thinking “I wonder if this could happen to anybodies robot.” Marvin had been acting differently right after I attached his wires. He started being funny and not acting so serious. He acted…smoother you could say; even just the way he walked, he flowed better. I decided to write a letter to the maker of Marvin. I got a response almost immediately. “I know this may be surprising,” it read “but this is not the first time this has happened, they get their wires switched and they start acting like humans.” “Wow, well that’s it, Marvin is a human now.” I thought to myself. It took me a couple days to get used to the idea of Marvin being human but that’s when I realized; I will love Marvin no matter what happens or what he is.