Example for Grade 6: Narrative – Robots - ID: 4170

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  • Purpose: Narrative
  • Grade: 6
  • ID No. 4170

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

The Huckleberry Family is a special family, because they have a robot that can speak, talk, walk, and do actions. Joe Huckleberry, the dad of 1 child, he is a scientist, he likes to do wacky inventions and likes to watch the show, Berrybusters. Freda Huckleberry, the wife of Joe, and the mother of Billy, she is the freak of the family, and does not like germs in the house. And the last of the Huckleberrys’, Billy. Billy loves to have fun and likes to get in trouble with his neighborhood friends. They live in a small town in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Huckletown.
One sunny, shiny day to come outside, Joe is in his basement, again. Billy is playing outside and ding-dong ditching their neighbors. He always has lots of fun. This time, Billy always visits dad in the basement. Billy discovers that his dad is making a robot. Billy watches and asks questions to dad all day long. not long before Billy’s bedtime, dad finishes up his workshop. He closes the door to the basement and starts watching the TV show, “Berrybusters”. Billy goes up stairs, brushes his teeth, and heads up into his room. He says goodnight to his mom and dad as they come upstairs. As they start to get distracted, Billy starts heading down the flights of stairs to the Basement, luckily, he knows the combination to go downstairs, as he opens the door to the basement.

Billy closes the door very silently, and turns on the light. He found vast assortions of machines, to Ray-Guns, to even the rare Automatic- Snowmaker-9000. As he looks around, he found the robot he saw eariler that day, he takes a look at it, observing each piece, without making a sound. He saw that the arm was disessembled, so he found a small hammer and started pounding a nail and the two machinery in together. He saw a light gleam in the center of his one eye, and the sound from the robot started running. Billy could hear a “What was that?” from upstairs and heard walking around. Billy hid behind a large crate as he heard a walking noise from the upstairs.

He looked up, and he saw his mom holding a broom stick head-up. He ducked away as he heard a voice saying “Hello there, Freda!” she started yelling and screaming as she is whacking her broom stick at the robot. Joe came down and observed the incedent. He looked around the room and was asking himself “how could this happen?” Mom calmed down and looked at dad and said “Whats this?” In return, dad said “Its my newest invention, but i never but on the arm, who did it?” mom shrugged and walked back and forth. Dad also said “It doesnt talk, either. The mouth is just for decoration.” The robot starts walking around. “It doesnt walk, too!” He is very surprised now. From the other side of the room, the robot started talking. “My friend billy stapled my arm together, Joe!” He was very surprised, and he asked the robot “Where is Billy?” The robot replied “Behind the large crate, sir!” He looked behind the large crate and there was no sign of Billy.

Billy had traveled upstairs, the back way, and hopped in bed like lightning. The next day Billy asked Dad “what was all the ruckus last night?” he replied “You know the robot i was building last night?” “Yeah.” “Well, last night, it turned came to life.” Billy was shocked, also, he had smelled a delightful smell of Pancakes with syrup. He had beckoned Billy into the kitchen until he had seen the Robot cooking breakfast for the whole family. Billy had many questions that evening, but he had solved them himself. He became great friends with the robot and named him Hubert. He was a great companion and he loved Hubert.