Example for Grade 6: Narrative – Robots - ID: 4163

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  • Purpose: Narrative
  • Grade: 6
  • ID No. 4163

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

OnedayFlynnsteachertoldhimhehasascienceproject.Flynnsaid”Isthere anything in particular we have to do?”Yes actually you have to use your imagination!” Ms.Flowers has always has been Flynns favorite teacher.Suddenly an idea popped into Flynns head. He told his best friend danny what he was going to do for his project.Danny thought it was a great idea to make a robot for the assignment.Danny said”Wow how are you going to pull that off?”Flynn hasn’t put a lot of thought into it so he said “I have to look up ideas on the internet.” “Can i come over to your house today?”asked Danny.”Sure why not I’ll help you come up with ideas.”Sounds great my mom will drop me off at 3:00.”

When Danny came over to Flynns house they got started right away. Danny’s idea for his science project is putting a needle through the a balloon without it popping.When Flynn got on the computer he went straight on to Google. he typed in”How to build a robot?”Answes popped up everywhere but Flynn only stuck with one.Once he got all the materials he built the robot of his dreams. He was so professional he made a switch to turn it on and off. When he turned it on it didnt work so he tried it again still nothing one last time and nothing happened.”Whats going on?”asked Danny. “I dont know somethings wrong.”they aked Flynns mom and she said nothing but,then she said “we’ll fix it later once we come back from dinner.”

When they got out of the car they went into a chinese restraunt called Lucky duckling. When they got in they ordered the mom gave Flynn and Danny a dime so they can go to the wishing well.When they got over there Danny wished for a new skateboard.

Then Flynn wished for his robot to work.When everybody was done eating they got their fortune cookies and ate then read the fotune
will come true”.

When they dropped off Danny Flynn and his mom and dad went home.When Flynn went into his room his robot was working and walking around and talking. Flynn went rushing to his robot and talked to

him.The robot said “Hello Flynn how are you doing today?”

“Good now that your alive!”Robot said get some sleep if your going to show me off tommorrow in class.””ok”

When Danny was done showing his trick Flynn went on the podium he showed everybody his robot.Everyone loved it and asked him to make him talk and ms Flowers gave him an A and he went off happy with his robot forever.