Example for Grade 6: Narrative – Robots - ID: 4158

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  • Purpose: Narrative
  • Grade: 6
  • ID No. 4158

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

Mrs.Janice was about to assign the class’s science assisgnment everyone stood waiting wondering what she was about to say.
Then she said loud and clear ” Our class assignment is to… build a robot and make a poster board to go with it!” Everyone stared shocked and surprised. Some of them didn’t even know what a robot was. Amy (one of the students) raised hand and Mrs.Janice asked what Amy needed and Amy said “What kind of robot? And how are we supposed to build one?” Mrs.Janice ignored her for a second and then replied “Well, you buy the parts and design your own.” Amy stared at her and said “That sounds to difficult!” Mrs.Janice started to wonder what was so hard about it. Next she said ” I will give you each a sheet of paper that gives you a list of some resources so you can get an idea of how to make your robot.” Then she held up a paper that read: “Good resources for making or researching a robot; http://WWW.umm.edu/news/releases,/robot.htm;http://WWW.econ omist.com/node/15048711…” And it went on. After everyone finish reading the paper the bell rang and the students went home

As Amy walked home she thought about how difficult it would be to make a robot. Amy thought about what supplies she would use and how. She thought about how she would design her poster board. She realized it would just be easier if she didn’t complain. When she got home she was still alone knowing this she tried to remember why. Then she remembered that her mom and dad were at work. She was a loner anyway and did not like help. She got to work on her poster board. Threw a dash of glitter, smeared a little paint and pasted pictures. When she was done she started on her robot(which was the longest and hardest part.) She didn’t know where any wires were except for the computer so she raced towards it knowing it would be a piece of cake to yank just a few wires from her dad’s new computer. After she had the wires she looked up how to connect the wires in order to make the robot move. The website said to design the machine first. So Amy took metal and bent it into the shape of a sphere and added eight legs just like the Dante 2. Next she made a crane at the top so it could grab and carry stuff. And right behind the crane she added a seat and steering wheel. The reason Amy added the seat and steering wheel is so she could ride her robot. After all of the designing was done Amy threaded the wires into the right spots and put the correct programming into the correct areas. It wasn’t quite done yet though because Amy had to decorate the big robot. So she ran to her room and dug through her draws and found hot pink glitter paint, purple glitter, blue glitter, puppy stickers and a baby blue seat cushion. Next she ran back to the living room and got to work. First Amy painted the robot, not missing a single spot. Second Amy put sparkly polka-dots all over using a pattern of blue and purple. Third she put the cute little puppy stickers inside of each colorful little polka-dot. Lastly she tied the seat cushion onto the raised seat. Amy’s was going to be the best robot ever.

Amy kept trying to get control over her robot but it was very difficult and confusing. Amy could move just not steer it. it worried her because the assignment was due tomorrow and each student was supposed to demonstrate how their robots worked. Amy decided that maybe her robot just needed some fresh air so she rode him to the park. Eventually she started to gain control over the tall robot. After awhile Amy decided her robot wasn’t good enough; she wanted a waterproof robot that can go into heats as high as two thousand degrees Fahrenheit. So she rode her robot to the store and bought insulation and waterproof spray. When she got to the check out she paid the cashier and walked outside to where she sprayed her robot with the waterproof spray and put the insulation on her robot. Now her robot was the best. She had control and it was waterproof.

To day was the day of the presentation. Amy felt nervous but relieved. But she knew she could do it. She got dressed in her spotted polka-dot dress with her hot pink flats. She felt a knot in her throat as she hopped onto her robot. She sat, her back laying on top of her poster board. And they started walking, keeping an eye on the road. She felt so tall and strong as a cool breeze blew through her hair. As Amy and her robot approached her school she felt scared. Her robot step into school, all of the younger kids staring in awe at the sight of a real robot. Amy just ignored them as she walked down the sixth grade hall towards her class. She commanded her robot to open the door with his crane and he did. Amy dropped her stuff off and went outside for morning recess. She walked outside wondering what the presentation will be like.

After recess all of Mrs.Janice’s students rushed inside like a stampede. Amy felt clueless as she walked through the doors of the school. Amy sat at her desk wondering who will present first. Then she heard her teacher talking she was about to announce who was presenting first. Then she heard “…The presenter will be… Amy!” Amy was so shocked she almost threw up. Amy slowly walked up to the podium and recited her speech. Next she showed the class how it worked and walked back to her seat. Then she heard her teacher say “Wow, give Amy a round of applause!” And everyone clapped for her. She blushed at the thought of everyone liking her robot. All there was left to do was watch the other classmates’ presentations. First Carl’s, then Bob’s, third Sally’s and so on. Amy didn’t really have a favorite because she loved them all. And Mrs.Janice loved them all to.