Example for Grade 6: Narrative – Robots - ID: 4142

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  • Purpose: Narrative
  • Grade: 6
  • ID No. 4142

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

It all started when Danny an average young scientist born in Rhode island decided to try to make his own HRP-4c robot. At first all went well he made a robot that acts like a middle age man. He was able to play sports with him, watch TV with him, and even ride on him as a car with the click of a few buttons. That all changed when one day Danny was driving home from Starbucks and accidentally spilled his coffee on the manual controls causing the robot to go haywire. Then the robot transformed into an eight foot giant with armor and fully equipped weapons.

Danny then fainted and as he woke up he thought to himself “hmm how much damage can he do in one hour” he sighed “wait one hour!?!?!” with that he rushed inside to turn on the news. the TV blared to life stood up and ran off along with all of his electrical units including his I phone.
All he could see was a part of the news saying “breaking news an army of electrical units are attacking the state leaving us trapped here on Rhode island. Someone please help us!” as it ran off.

Five minutes later his friends came pounding on the door yelling “please let us in were all gonna die”. “No where not were going to destroy those machines” Danny said with a bit of doubt while letting them in. How are going to defeat those giant monsters he thought. then he realized something. “Follow me” he said while leading them to his basement. “Here you guys are going to need armor and blasters to take these creeps down.

A while later the were fighting the machines taking them down one by one. “There are too many” Danny yelled over the sound of the blasters. “Wait a minute the source of the machines is my HRP-4c robot.” he realized ” we have to destroy him so the rest will power down” with that they were off to search for his robot in his backup car. Once they got to it his friends distracted the robot while Danny went to the robot’s power panel and dismantled it. The town was saved and all of the machines were gone. So then later the state was rebuilt and back to normal.

With that Danny decided to never make his own machine ever again. With only few people with severe injuries and less than fifty with minor injuries Danny paid up for most of the damage made and went back to living his normal life without any robots in his life and at the age of eighty-one he died a peaceful life.