Example for Grade 5: Opinion – Service Animals - ID: 4103

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Service Animals

  • Purpose: Opinion
  • Grade: 5
  • ID No. 4103

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

The new law for service animals,in my opinion is a good law because some animals like snakes,lizards and even horses may be to dangerous or to large.I think it was a good choice because if they bring monkeys and birds, they might spread deceases and other infections to public stores like Mccdonalds or Burger king.I say that animals like birds of any kind need to stay outside of public stores because they leave droppings.And when you have a service dog it wont poop on the floor.And people are use to being arond dogs because a dog is mans best friend.

I also think the law change was a good won because the people who work at the hotel have to deal with horses and goats! Im not the only one who agree with the law change, people who ran bisinesses were pleased.Most  animals carried stuff to get a man sick.My opinion is that monkeys can get mad in a flash and start throwing punches at someone,thats mainly why they made the in the first place.I think that dogs are safer because not many people have alergies to dogs.

Fnally, my last opinions are that some service animals are not safe because they have snakes lizards and monkeys that hit really hard.Also snakes might loose control and bite somebody.

Also, many animals can scare children in public places.But children, like I said  earlier, love dogs. Finally my opinion is that service dogs are really safer than other dogs and they can protect there owner.