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Service Animals

  • Purpose: Opinion
  • Grade: 5
  • ID No. 4091

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

Pets are fun, loving, and especially playful. They lick you when your sad and play with you when you are cheerful. But did you ever think that your pets could help people with disabilities complete their daily routines? We only know so much of the intelligence of animals and we can help uncover the mystery by training them to help people! But some people feel inclined to bring there service pets into public places. Which makes sense, but you have to draw the line somewhere. Just like the law states people should not be allowed to bring their service pets into public places unless it is a dog.

There are many animals on our planet, but there aren’t many that are known as man’s best friend. The dog however is a species that has been a pet to humans for hundreds of years. They are obedient when trained well, if potty trained these animals won’t detroy the atmosphere of a public place with something unpleasant, and they can be silent if told to firmly enough. Furthermore these animals are very intelligent and thy have successfully been used to help people for many years. Although nimble, the monkey has a habit of changing moods fast and frequently. In addition they can hurt a person. Birds are to noisy. But the dog is capable of being in public.

When thinking about this law you also have to think about the well being of the cafe or store or any other place you bring your service pet. If you bring a bird into a building and they use the floor as a bathroom, then the other guest in the area become digusted and might not decide to come back. This means that the business would lose money. Furthermore they have a mess on the floor that needs to be delt with. If your service pet is a monkey and you are riding a bus, the monkey may change moods and harm the person sitting next to you. It is important to think about the people around you and what they think of your pet and their actions. Lets face it, not many people agree to the idea of bringing a pig into the toy store.

Many people may disagree to the law but you have to realize that a person who has a strange service learning pet isn’t the only person in a public place. There other people who are there to enjoy their day. You may think that the people with disabilities deserve to have any animal they like. Athough, there are many solutions to this law. You can have an additional service pet that is a dog. Dogs are wonderful creatures so you can’t really make a mistake of switching to another animal or having two.

Hopefully by now you have seen the importance of the law. Dogs are amazing and can be trusted in public. Other animals might be disruptive to an enviormnt or harm people. You can get a dog to be your service pet so you are able to bring him/her in public. It is so important to think about the other people in our world, and the well being of businesses