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Service Animals

  • Purpose: Opinion
  • Grade: 5
  • ID No. 4082

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

Is the New Law Fair?

Would you stand against an unfair law? My opinion on the new law about only letting service dogs to go with their owner in public places would have to be that I think we should let any kind of animal in a public place that helps people with disabilities. My reasons are that we should respect people’s choices, know that if the animal can’t go in neither can the person, and remember that they have payed a lot of money for this animal.

My first reason for letting any service animal in a public building is that we should respect people’s choices and not judge them by what animal they think is best. Some people like dogs, monkeys, pigs, birds, cats or even a lizard! These animals are all great and I would choose any of them for a guide. Monkeys can even help someone drink out of a straw or play a CD! That is amazing!! Although dogs are the most common service animal all of them are just as great and I think having a different animal as a guide would be fun! From monkeys to pigs what will be next?? A frog???

The second reason is that we need to keep in mind if the animal isn’t allowed to go in neither is the person. Now that they have banned all service animals except for dogs in public places the human can’t go in because they need their animal to see! This is not fair and we need to let everyone know that even though you may not want the animal in the store the person is now not able to go in because it needs its service animal to get around.

My last reason is that we need to remember that these people have payed a lot of money for these animals. Now the animals are not doing their jobs. Since they can’t go to any places the people have payed their money and can’t even have their service animals take them to places they might need to go to. This is a big waste of money for some people. I think we need to stand up and allow the animals to go into each store no matter what.

This law is not fair to all the disabled people. I know if I was disabled I would protest and hopefully get my rights to go into the stores. The 3 reasons are that we should respect people’s choices, know that if the animal is banned from the store the person can’t go in either, and remember that their animal was a lot of money. Hopefully these 3 reasons will start to get people wondering about the new law. I feel strongly about my opinion and hope other people will too.