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Service Animals

  • Purpose: Opinion
  • Grade: 5
  • ID No. 4073

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Service Animals Limited to Do ‘s in Public Areas

In our country a new law has been passed that only dog’s can be allowed in public areas. I dissagree with this law because many animals other than dog’s can be a life saver to people with disabillates. Like the capuchin monkey; a highly educational monkey whom can perform activities that an everyday human would do.

The animals in our country that are helping people today are highly trained. For example, a horse who can sense the dierection the human wants to walk just by the position of their knees. No car can do that! Also, a snake that can grab things off the shelf in the grocery store if you are blind. And a monkey that can open a refigerator, help you drink out of a straw, and read. Nearly impossible. But Animal expert at Helping Hands Christina says that they monkeys have to do the same things the experts do. Also, expert Jennifer trains the monkeys to know the objects and be able to open other things.

But people from our state’s goverment also have some compeling reason’s. The goverment states that the animals could spread disease’s that could harm other humans like a birds droppings on the floor could spread diseases to the passing humans. Another reason is that the animals could spread sudden fierceness to the other people around him that could hurt and possibly be fatal. But the animals could save more lives than they could harm. For example, a capuchin monkey saved over 10 peoples life in a hospital when a fire started and the monkey led the nurses out of the building. No lives were lost because of the monkey and he won an award by the local police department.

In conclusion, the law that was passed was quite insensible because other animals will do the same job and maybe more than a dog could do even with proper training.