Example for Grade 5: Opinion – Service Animals - ID: 4054

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Service Animals

  • Purpose: Opinion
  • Grade: 5
  • ID No. 4054

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

Service animals are great. They help disabled people get around, do everyday tasks that they couldn’t normally do, and just provide comfort! But a law has been passed blocking any service animal except dogs to be in public places. Is this a good thing? Other service animals can do things dogs can’t, provide comfort some dogs can’t, but aren’t allowed in public anymore.

Dogs can carry backpacks, fetch things, and other tasks. But they do not have the abilities of other service animals. For example, monkeys can grasp straws and hold forks. Imagine how this would be helpful if you had no arms or couldn’t us them. They can open CD players, change TV channels, and turn lights on and off .  Most dogs can not do those things. And only dogs are allowed in public spaces.

While service dogs are loving and loyal, they also happen to be on the large side. They might be to big to get in a car or on a bus. Monkeys are small, can ride on your shoulders, and usually aren’t troublesome. People over use the excuse of service animals carrying disease. Dogs do carry less chance of disease, but they can have fleas.

Dogs do have their upside. Dogs have been pets of humans for hundreds of years. They are calm, familiar, and helpful. Many people are comfortable around dogs. If a service dog walked into a cafe, no one would make a fuss. But if someone walked in with a snake, others might get nervous or feel uncomfortable.

My opinion of this new law is that I think it is to limiting. Some disabled people need help that a dog can not provide. And if they can’t get they help they need in public places, then they have to have another person to help them, or stay at home. This takes their freedom away from them. It doesn’t seem fair that only dogs are allowed in public. Other service animals can do things dogs can’t, provide comfort when dogs can’t, but aren’t allowed in public.