Example for Grade 5: Opinion – Service Animals - ID: 4044

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Service Animals

  • Purpose: Opinion
  • Grade: 5
  • ID No. 4044

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

A new law has been made stating that service dogs and not other service animals are allowed in public places. I agree with this law, and in this article, I will be explaining why I say this.

In public places, there are more people than just you there. So if you bring in a service monkey or snake, it could hurt someone. No one knows what the anima, l could do next. But with dogs, which we’ve lived with for hundreds of years, are less likely to hurt someone.

Also, service animals could transmit diseases to some other people. And service birds could leave behind droppings on the ground, which makes for an unhealthy environment.

People who run business like the idea of the law. The dogs don’t bark during shows, they sit quietly at a lunch meeting, and they listen to commands. Imagine walking to work with a service, goat leading you there! Too noisy!

Overall, I think this law is a good choice to make. Other service animals are still allowed in your house or other private places, so don’t be to bummed out if you love your service pig or something. I hope you understand my opinion, and I’ll see you again in the next newspaper. Adios!

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