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Service Animals

  • Purpose: Opinion
  • Grade: 5
  • ID No. 4029

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations


To me this law will help out a lot of people it will prevent accidents and disruptions animals such as a monkey or a snake has learned to know and like its owner. but when it comes to other peolpe the animals don’t know them as well or at all and no matter how much you train them there wild you can’t change that. That means your puting everyone around you in danger just because you didn’t want a dog as a service animal and to me that’s just being selfish. Dogs can be helpful in many ways a dog is a great choice dogs are caring and loving animals that don’t want to hurt people. Dogs might be annoying sometimes when there barking or they want to play but to me it’s all worth it in the end. A program like Helping Hands will make sure the animals will fit your needs. Plus if there trained well enough they’ll do
a lot better in public places than a regular dog this means your best friend gets to be with you all the time to make sure your needs are fitted and you have to make sure there needs are fitted plus you don’t have to be imbaressesd around a dog. When family comes to visit you don’t have to worry about puting them in danger.

To me this was a very well thought out law I think it probaly took a while to pass. This law change was needed for many diffrent reasons I’ve discused most of them except one you see a lot of wild animals have diseases so if you had a wild animal with a disease you could get it so you could pass it around to people and the animal could pass it around to other people espescily if you go to public places. So thats a very good reason to make that law.
if you went to a hotel and your service animal was a horse that would be a problem so in coclusion the best sevice animal to me is a dog.