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Animal Habitats

  • Purpose: Informational
  • Grade: 4
  • ID No. 4013

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

The Cruel world. By Nicholas . You might be wondering, how plants and animals survive in the wild. Paint a picture in your mind.
You see the windy sand breaking your eyesight and making you tumble to the ground. The pressure of the deep sea making your eardrums pop like a ballon.And the cold wintery artic make you freeze to death. This is The Cruel World! On a hot sunny day you tan, but if you went to the desert you would toast like a pizza that just came out the oven!The tempture is so hot it would could kill you! But at night the tempture is cold, too. The feroucios animals and plants that survive in these parts are snakes, lizards, mice and squirrels. They go at night when it’s cold and chilly. Little elf owls make homes in the saguaro cactus and it is a nice home because it has natural air­ conditioning. The ocean is very vast and takes up 75% of our planet! Some animals live at the bottom of the sea and some even glow.When there’s water there is heat.The bottom of some seas you can’t see any light, but there’s also thermal vents. they are little volcanoes that heat up the ocean floor. The arctic is so cold that even a tiny fish couldn’t live there! Its tempture is -128 degrees! The very furry and blubbery animals that live there are the polar bear,peinguins, and whales which are very very fat. There’s is no plants that live in arctic because it’s so cold.