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Animal Habitats

  • Purpose: Informational
  • Grade: 4
  • ID No. 3979

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

We animals and people have diffferent life styles. Something we have in common is we all live in the same places. Some of us live in cold places or hot. All kinds of animals live in icie oceans in Alaska or Antartica. There are also animals that live in the desert where it is arid alll day. Last the ocean is dark and deep. In the icy cold places lots of animals have adaptations. They have fur to keep them warm ,a layer of fat ,or eachother. Take penguins for instance they have a thick layer of body fat or blubber under there feathers. They also have a little trick they cuddle together and block the wind from them. In these snowy places there are polar bears. These magnificent creatures also have that layer of blubber under their fur.But they also do something special to keep warm they dig large dens into the snow and snuggle up. There are also the sea creatures of the cold oceans. Whales swimm away to wammer parts of the ocean.An Fish have a special protine in their blood. That protine helps the fish not get ice peices in their bodys. There are the complete oppisist places in the world like the desert. In the desert many animals stay under ground. Like mice, snakes, lizards, and squirrals live underground. Some of these same animals are nocturnal they sleep during the day and come out at night. They come out at night because it gets cooler at night in the desert. Not all animals live underground the elf owl lives inside a cactus. It is actually cool inside the cactus. The cactus sucks up all the rain water from its roots. That is like natrual air- conditioning. The last biome is the ocean. When your at the bottom of the ocean it is dark and extremly cold. It its so deep that there is no light. Some sea creatures even can glow down there. But there is always a soulution to a promblem even in the ocean. At the depths of the ocean there are little volcanos or gusers that shoot out hot water. Crabs like to hang out around there. Every single animal or person has its way of surviving. Its amazing that we all live today. Whether its in the Artic, The desert , or the ocean we all have are ways.