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Animal Habitats

  • Purpose: Informational
  • Grade: 4
  • ID No. 3974

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

Animals and there ways of living in harsh and difficult areas of the Earth must is acutluly like a peie of cake. let me tell you a little about it. In the hot desert a lot of animals escape the heat during the day by staying in there burrows and they come out at night. But an owl will live in cacti full of rich sweet cool water to keep them cool and out of the heat. They will burrow into the catis and make a little area for there home. You ask how water gets into the cacti? Well the cati has long roots that are like a spong and they suck up water into the base of the cactis when it rains. In the ocean there are harsh places too like a deep part of the ocean reaching up to 7 miles deep. Now ill tell you about the ocean and its invierment. In the deepest parts of the ocean it is very cold at the bottom. But the sea creatures that live down there find a way to stay warm. How you ask? There are mini valcanos on the sea floor that keep the water around it hot. So what do you think about animals and there inviorment and how they survive harsh areas in the world? well in my apinion its pretty cool.