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Animal Habitats

  • Purpose: Informational
  • Grade: 4
  • ID No. 3960

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

Animal habbitats and plant habbitats are very diffrent from each other, but whats really diffrent is that most animals have the ablity to live any where they want as long as it is safe for them starting out with penguins. Penguins have the ablity to live anywhere they want as long as it’s not to hot, Most penguins live in the cold, it can get minus 128 degrees Fahrenheit, plus the water frezzes at 32 degrees Antarctica is colder than ice. Do you wonder how penguins survive this kind of weather? One word blubber, blubber is a kind of fat that keeps animals warm. Penguins aren’t the only ones who have blubber polar bears have blubber because they live in cold weathers too and they stay in the frezzing waters alot longer than Peguins. Another animal is the whale, Whales need blubber because if the water gets to cold they need the blubber to last them while they swim to warmer waters. The only way plants grow is water, sun not always dirt. Most plants need water to survive, but the catus plant doesn’t need to much of water like other plants. The reason why is since the catus lives in the deserts they don’t get much water so they learned when it rains they soak up all the water that falls on them and that keeps them alive until the next time it rains. Most plant die if there is drowt or some one dosen’t water them. Animals that live in the desert such as snakes, lizards, and squirrels live in burrows. During the day time they stay underground to stay out of the sun. The End 😀