Example for Grade 8: Explanatory – Memory Training - ID: 3357

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Memory Training

  • Purpose: Explanatory
  • Grade: 8
  • ID No. 3357

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

it was the day kids were preparing for days and even weeks for. it was the day of the spelling bee. only this time, Jess did not join because she has already won many of them in the last 6 years. she can remember any word after 15 minutes which was a way of her preparing. a few weeks ago Jess was wondering if she should join the spelling bee. but then she realized that she shouldn’t because she wanted to study for a math competition that was being hosted next month.”

so x is equal to… 5? No.. it wasn’t that number..” Jess said as she was studying for a math test that was tomorrow. Jess has never Failed a test and she was not about to let that happen. Her class was learning a new lesson that the teacher had taught for a few weeks now and Jess was worried that she would fail the test.

“what is 3x=2? wow i wonder how i haven’t fail any assignments yet.” She chuckled she looked at the time: 12:00am. “maybe I should go to sleep if I want to be prepared for the test in the after noon” she yawned.

it was the next morning she looked at the time, 6:00am she began to get dressed and pack her things to get ready for school. she was a little less worried because she had learned that the test was only two questions. but at the same time, she knew that she had to do well anyways. this test was well over a good amount of points that she was not willing to waste. when she arrived to school, she noticed that everyone was a little too calm. she wondered if they all forgot that the test was today.

“isn’t the test today?” she asked one of her friends. “I don’t know if it is” said one of her friend who was clearly confused. “There was a test today?” said another friend. “didn’t the teacher say there was?” said Jess, who was beginning to worry even more. “No there wasn’t a test today.” said a girl named Zoe. a little background information about this girl, she does not like it when people get in her way or when they get more attention which people found really stupid.

she also hates it when other kids get better grades than her. “Well if it isn’t Jess who always tries to prove me wrong?” she smirked. “well first of all i always know what’s right and what is wrong.” said Jess. “you still don’t know?” said Zoe who was about to start laughing. “well Jess looks like you forgot that the test was on science and it is today before we get out of school!” she laughed.  Jess froze. she has never forgotten when there was a test around the school or in her class. but   she wasn’t about to let that change the way she does her needs so instead she simply said, “well I don’t care what you think.” for a moment everything was silent and then Jess got up and walked away. when she got home, she went to her room and tried to remember how she forgot something that she would get a grade for at school? she still thinks about it then next day as she walked to her 4th class of the day. then who does she see? Zoe of course walking into the classroom like she owned the place she was even telling kids to get things for her. she was always like that she never wants to get her own things when she need them the most. but Jess kept her cool, and walked right past her. as she sat down, she took notes on how Zoe treats people and what she says to them. when class finally started, Jess was listening to the teacher. Then Zoe raised her hand and said, “Mrs D?” “yes?” she replied “can you believe that when you said to study, Jess took in a cheat sheet to finish a test.” she said looking over her shoulder and seeing Jess. “No I did not I did nto even study for the test!” said Jess who was mad. “really then let me check your backpack.” said Mrs D “ok look but I have nothing” Jess said. then Jess finally lost her temper and Slapped and threw things at Zoe. Since then, Jess never returned to school.