Example for Grade 8: Explanatory – Memory Training - ID: 3347

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Memory Training

  • Purpose: Explanatory
  • Grade: 8
  • ID No. 3347

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

you need to go to the store and pick up milk, eggs, butter, and bread. you repeat the list of foods over and over on the way to the store. when you arrive at the store, you collect the milk, eggs, bread, and…..what was the other thing? how did you already forget the other item they was your mental list? how dose it let you down sometimes? when most people refer to memory, they think of it as one part of the brain. the truth isn’t one part of your brain working together. it is a consept it is the idea of remembering. formerly, scientists used to describe memory as a minature filing cabinet full of many files that contained memories. others described memory as a tiny supercomputer located in the brain.

today scientists believe that memory is much more complicated than that. memories begin as a result of the senses. the memory is then encoded, or stored in your brain with electrical impulses and chemical. your brain is full of nerve cells. there are electrical pulses carrying messages from one cell to another.