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  • Purpose: Explanatory
  • Grade: 11
  • ID No. 1184

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Everything is connected into a whole. One small factor can greatly change the community and our lifestyles. One small change can lead to a revolutionary discovery. Believe it or not, even suprisingly unrelated  things such as sunflowers and the biofuel industry are greatly connected and beneficial when combined. As problem solvers, we have turn to new alternatives and hybrids to help save our planet and corporations. Sunflower seeds are a better alternative to use to  create biofuels because of their oil rich content, theyre inexpensive to cultivate, and they work efficiently as replacements for gasoline oil.

Sunflower crops became extremely popular in the Philipines because they could easily grow on Philipine lands and because they’re a great source of natural oils. During the 70’s the Philipines enjoyed their surpluses of Sunflowers as part of daily consumption. whether roasting their delcious seeds white or to use them in replacement of other cooking oils, Sunflower oil has served them as a healthy alternative. Sunflower seeds are very healthy, “containing 36-342% oil and 38% protein meal.” It is easy to see why the Philipines switched to this source. Recently, Central Luzon State University has decided to “revive its sunflower production not for the edible oil but for biofuel.” Researching their nutrious content with high amoutns of oil and protein, the university has decided that it sunflowers can be used to produce biofuel (Sunflowers in the Philipines). Since they are known for their oil content they might as well be used for oil purposes. Since theyre edible, they should not do harm to the enviorment or to people like other fuel resources. In fact, switching to Sunflower oil will actually benefit the Earth by lowering pollution which is caused by the current fuel used for automobiles. If ships were to utilize this oil instead, oil leaks will not harm animals as much. Overall the sunflower can provide great things as long as we use its properties. They’re also renewable meaning we could reuse it and they could be used for mutiple reasons.

Sunflowers are not expensive to grow. They can be cultivated in community gardens like the ones produced down 5th and 6th stree of downton Phoenix.( Sea of Sunflowers Becomes Biodiesel) They’re a cheaper alternative compared to mining for oil which takes electricity and power. Cultivating Sunflowers is as easy as planting other vegetations, plants, and fruits. In fact it only takes 105 days to grow.(Sunflowers in the philipines). According to Rita T. Dela Cruz, sunflowers are recognized as one of the ” most costeffective and enviroment-friendly energy sources to produce biofuels.” They do not cause harm to the enviorment, in fact it will benefit our atmosphere and decrease global warming caused greatly by the use of oil dependent cars. to convert seeds to usable oil, the facility grinds the wast rpoducts and presses the seeeds into small pellets which a fed to a gasifier chamber. this process is alot faster and cheaper for oil production industry.

why not use something beneficial to our society rather than sticking to something is continously harming our earth? Sunflower oil is the solution to our global warming problems caused by gas dependent cars. Sunflower seeds will help even more than the inventions of hybrid or electric cars. Sunflowers will never be extinct if we continously cultivate them so theyre a reliable source.