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  • Purpose: Explanatory
  • Grade: 11
  • ID No. 1178

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

Sunflowers are a far overlooked flower. Not only are they lovely to look at and can brighten one’s day, but they have many uses as well. One of which that could be an anwer to many issues of today’s need for new sources of biofuel and alternative engergy than oil and gasoline. These wonderful yellow flowers can be used to create the biofuel we need to sustain our society’s better and economically more efficient.

From an article of the U.S. Departnment of Agriculture it was stated that already in law today, “it is required that a minimum of 1% biodiesel by volume be blended into diesel engine fuels.” In other words currently diesel fuel is only used for 1% of all of it that is produced. So why not use much more of it that can be produced efficently and for a cheap price? Sunflowers seem to be a likely answer to this question. It’s potential as a bio-source for ethanol should be the new focus for all. With proper research and thorough develpment this can be done. Already experts in Brazil are powering boats and other contraptions with this fuel from sunflower seeds.

For farmers as well this new idea of fuel usage from the sunflower seeds is becoming more and more prevalent. In an artcile from NPR recently it was explained how farmers in Dove Creek are using this new idea as a drive for more income. They are hoping to grow sunflowers to produce this fuel to power all kinds of contraptions and cars, even their tractors. However the present time isn’t helping them because of the lack on attempting to study the sunflower oil. They need proof first to help them in creating this opportunity for new income. When this is done economically countries can use this new fuel efficiently and better provide for their people and families.

The use of the sunflower is continuing to be overlooked, it can be used well if we study and take the time to bring for new biofuel. We must unite communities and bring this great opportunity for alternate fuel for all to increase the welfare and future of world economics.