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  • Purpose: Explanatory
  • Grade: 11
  • ID No. 1175

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

There are many ways in which the sunflower can be used to create bio-fuel. Community’s have come together to plant sunflowers to help both their country and their community. Farmers have began planting sunflowers in hopes of receiving a higher income and helping their country in the process. Across the United States we are beginning to see a change; people are looking for new and cheaper ways to produce fuel and sunflowers could be the next thing.

In Biofuel from Sunflower communities like the city of Phoenix have began taking empty lots and creating large gardens of sunflowers. The garden is tended by many volunteers and the schools have a large part in it too. They take the sunflowers and create oil and then produce a biofuel. The schools get a learning process out of it and also see changes happen to the community as more people start to embrace the idea of sunflowers as an alternative fuel.

In the small town of Dove Creek Colorado farmers have started to embrace the idea of planting sunflowers as well. They were promised a chance at being paid more and in the process they would help the community and country. By taking a huge risk they started to plant sunflowers becuase Berman of San Juan Bioenergy would build an energy plant for them and pay the farmers. However, after a few years the industry fell. Farmers however, are strong willed and they continued to plant sunflowers in hopes of still recieving more. By taking a huge risk they could end up losing it all or with more money in their pockets then they have seen in a long time.

People are beginning to take on this “green” thinking. We are looking for cheaper, cleaner, and healthier ways to produce things such as fuel and food. Sunflowers are showing signs of becoming something very great. They produce many helpful things for our country and I’m excited to see what comes next as we strive towards our goals as a country.