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Memory Training

  • Purpose: Explanatory
  • Grade: 8
  • ID No. 1023

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

Memory is a very complex thing to understand. This is because many memories gradually fade away in our memory. This is a hard thing to deal with, especially as a student. Tests, quizzes, all require us to remember a large amount of information. However, how do we do that? We always seem to forget important things for tests and totally blank, so how can we remember this information to help us during our school career and even after?

Distractions. I know I get distracted easily, especially when studying for a boring, drab test when I’d rather be watching TV. To comrpomise, I’ll turn on the TV and then study as well, glancing up at the TV every few minutes. I claim I’m studying, but am I? Your brain would answer no. While watching TV and studying, your brain actually isn’t processing information. It isn’t properly coding into your mind so within a few minutes, a lot of information will not be available to you. So, if needed, go into a place without a TV. Shut your phone off and sit down and concentrate on studying, having someone else test you after. If needed, take 10 minute breaks every hour or half an hour and watch some TV to relax before studying again,

It has also been proven that you should associate memories with people, objects, and places. According to ‘Memory Masters’ by Alice Andre-Clark, “Memories get stronge rif you associate them wth a place… picture a building you know well, perhaps your own house. Now imagine each item in a different part of the house…”. This would help you remember because you making a scene in your mind, adding details and adding complexity which makes it easier to retrieve when needed. So if you have to remember groceries, imagine each item sitting in different places in your home. I bet you that won’t let you down.

This ties in with distractions but is also a good way to keep memories. It was proven by Dr. Franco Fabbro at the University of Udine that if you were listening to someone speak and were also speaking yourself, people couldn’t remember the story the person was talking about. But if someone was listening to a story and didn’t talk, they remembered it well. So if it helps, record yourself speaking about what you need to remember then shut your eyes, go in a quiet room, and play it over and over to memorize it.

We all know memory is important but it is easily forgotten. These ways can help you memorize everything efficiently and properly and may even help you with school.