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Memory Training

  • Purpose: Explanatory
  • Grade: 8
  • ID No. 1017

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

Improving Memory

Memory is something we use for our entire lives, which is why it needs to be strong. You can make our memory better with a few different methods. The first method is to exercise your brain with practice. The second method is to use shortcuts and replace names with images and objects to give you a better image when you try to remember the name. And. the third is to learn the shortcuts of working memory and figuring out tricks to being able to remember lots of things at once.

As exclaimed in Source #3, exercising the brain and  memory- complex will greatly help you improve memory. Each time one cell sends a signal to the next cell, the connection between those cells becomes stronger and can be strengthened a lot over time. In Source #1, they talk a bit about how if  you  use the brain in the same way over and over, it will become more shaped to how you’ve been using it.

In Source #2, it is said that if you use shorcuts and replace names with objects you can remember them better. I can see how this would be true and i’ve actually used this before with a friend named Stanley, his was “Stan Lee”, the creator of Marvel. Another trick they talked about was building a memory place. it suggests associating memories with places. For example, imagine a building you know well and imagine a different memory with a place s the house like a room.

Nelson Dellis. and Sophia Hu are mental athletes. In Source #2, it talks a little about how their memories aren’t really any better than mine or yours. Theirs are just more exercised and they know how to take in a lot of  facts at one time. Murielle Peregovoy has trained to be an interpreter. She has leanred the trick of “working memory”, a process in which she lets the same amount of information leave as what she takes in. This is key to how her memory is so shaped up and good.

Memory is a very complex and important component to human life and interacting with everything around you. Use these methods to make your memory better and remember things longer.