Example for Grade 8: Explanatory – Memory Training - ID: 1014

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Memory Training

  • Purpose: Explanatory
  • Grade: 8
  • ID No. 1014

Student Response

Scoring & Annotations

The brain remembers things and also forgets things too, but there are many tricks and tips for memorization in the world today. Their are tricks to memorize a long string of numbers by “Start by thinking of a person, an action, and an object for each number from 00 to 99…” (Source #2 person+action+object). The sources also explain how the brain keeps memory by giving examples and and ways to exercise your brain. They also explain how youcan lose memory by watching T.V while trying to remember something but it wasn’t stored properly so your brain cant retreive it corectly.

The brain can even remember alot of things like how bilingual people have a huge vocabulay and graduate hischool with a vocabulay twice the size of a average hischool graduate thats becase they have a bigger memory. Thats alot of words to remember but it’s short term and long term working together and thats how you proces things you memorize. They even explain how a memory compition works and how the participants dont have a specil memory but they use tricks to remember things. It also explains how we remember things for a short time and if we keep repeating a certin thing that we will remember it longer.

The brain is an amazing thing that we have and how it does everything for us from remembering things to forgeting and how it also controls are body and other things it does. IT helps from memorizing poems and writings to remembering answers for a test it is the one thing that can be exercised by trying to rememer many things. There are many things about how the brain works and tips about how to have a better memory today.